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Corgi in Snow
corgis snow videos

Corgis in Snow

Nothing funnier or cuter than corgis running around in snow. This is Topi, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Finland. If there’s one thing about Finland, it gets plenty of snow. This is Violet, a corgo who loves her snow tunnels. Here’s one we like – a corgi snow train. We like how they all talk …

Corgi MacBook
Barclay food tech support

Heckin Doggo Support

“Sir I am confident that we sent out your box of twenty steaks. I do not know why you received an empty box” “Yes sir, I’ll look into it.” “In the meantime, would you like to place another order of steaks or chimkins? I am positive that nothing will happen to them this time.”

Barclay the Corgi
Barclay ohhai

Meet Barclay the Corgi

OH HAI. My name is Barclay! I’m a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who may or may not have had a “ruff” life before being rescued. But now I’m a cute, snuggly ball of derpiness. This is mai new blog. I am going to post these things: photos of me, and maybe photos of my mahm and …