Barclay the Corgi


My name is Barclay! I’m a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who may or may not have had a “ruff” life before being rescued. But now I’m a cute, snuggly ball of derpiness.

This is mai new blog. I am going to post these things: photos of me, and maybe photos of my mahm and dahd. Maybe other things too, like steaks or chimkins that I like. There are so many things to post about – various meets and cheezes, for example.

Things I like: meets and cheezes, as I have said. Yelling at sliding glass doors. Yelling for no reason. Lounging around. Eating. Stopping in the middle of a walk. Being picked up. Going on car rides. Going to the beach.

Things I don’t like: being brushed. Having mai nails cut. Other derps (they always get in my grill). Going to the vet.

I will also post other things like cool corgi merchandise, corgi tips, photos of other corgis (not as good looking as me tho) and maybe sekrets on how corgis will run the world.

Thanks for coming to see me!